Prerequisites for attending the CQRMS Training Program for Long-Term Care

Individuals seeking to attend the CQRMS for Long-Term Care must complete an application and meet the following established criteria:

  1. Currently employed by a long-term care facility
  2. Possess an Associates Degree in Nursing and have one (1) year of full-time long-term care experience; or
  3. Possess a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts Degree in any field and have one (1) year of long-term care experience; or
  4. Combination of education and three (3) years work experience in risk management, quality assurance, or long-term care management and actively employed in the long-term care profession.

Certification Requirements for Long-Term Care

The CQRMS does offer a professional certification to individuals who:

  1. Have been approved to attend the CQRMS Training Program; and
  2. Attended each daily session of the CQRMS Training Program; and
  3. Have passed the examination with a score of 75% or higher (online testing).

Certification Renewal Requirements

In order to maintain certification, individuals must renew their certification every two (2) years. To renew, each certified risk manager must:

  1. Complete a renewal application; and
  2. Submit copies of attendance certificates totaling twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education credit that was completed during the two (2) years since certification or re-certification related to long-term care and/or approved by the ALTCQI; and
  3. Pay renewal fees.

Download the CQRMS Renewal Form

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